Poll: Mum defends youngsters taking part in beauty pageants

A MUM from the resort today defended young children taking part in beauty pageants, saying it will help them to build their confidence.

Little Ellie Oliver, who is 22-months-old, will take part in the finals of the Baby Model of the Year competition, which is run by the Kerri Parker Academy, later this month.

And despite some people raising concerns about young children taking part in USA-style pageants, Ellie’s mum, Clare Mathias, 22, believes the youngsters will gain a lot from the experience.

Miss Mathias, of Barnfield, Felixstowe, said: “There has been a lot of bad press this last couple of weeks about USA style pageants – this is what Kerri and her company are fighting against.

“They want to bring natural pageants to the UK, where girls are not encouraged to grow up too quickly and the emphasis is still on fun and promoting natural beauty, confidence building and developing social skills in young ladies.”

Ellie has been sponsored for the event, which will take place in Norwich, and she will be competing in the 0-3 age group.

As part of the competition, she will be wearing different styles of clothing including casual and ball gowns.

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Miss Mathias added: “All she (Kerri Parker) is doing is making little girls feel like a princess for a day.

“If Ellie doesn’t like it on the day then I won’t let her do it but you will never know if you just stay in the dark.

“I think it will build her self esteem and confidence.”

The young contestants in the competition do not wear fake tan, make-up or hair extensions and Ellie is set to be cheered on by her family.

Miss Mathias added: “We are all so excited that she got through.

“She is a show off in front of everyone – I can’t wait.”