Poll: The UK is out of recession - will things start to look up for Ipswich?

How do you feel now the UK is out of recession?

We asked the people of Ipswich their views on the current economic situation.

Name: Dale Jennings, 42

From: Elliott Street, Ipswich

Comment: “It’s encouraging news but I’m sceptical about it. We’ll have to see if it’s long-term. But it won’t change how I spend my money. Overall I can’t see today’s news making much difference.”

Name: Ian Buxton, 26

From: Downside Close, Ipswich

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Comment: “I work in the town centre and I don’t think we’re out of recession yet. I think the economy will suffer after Christmas and we could be back in recession in January or February.”

Name: Andrew Bennett, 68

From: Felixstowe

Comment: “It’s not good or bad news for me. The recession didn’t affect me that much because of my prudent planning during my working life. I think that is the sensible way forward now.”

Name: Chris Wragg, 47

From: Kelly Road, Ipswich

Comment: “I don’t think we’re out of recession. I work in the market and I think more and more people are coming here looking for better prices than elsewhere because they need better value these days.”

Name: Lee Lockwood, 19

From: Needham Market

Comment: “It’s good news for youngsters and hopefully it will have a knock-on effect on the job market. I work part-time but I’m looking for apprenticeships, but there’s hardly any around at the moment.”

Name: Stephen Bollig, 25

From: Ipswich

Comment: “I’m surprised they’re saying we’re out of recession because factories are being closed, like the Ford one in Southampton. Energy and living prices are going up so we’ll have to see if it’s long-term growth.”