Pool supervisor hailed a hero for saving heart attack man

QUICK thinking Justin Wedderburn is today being hailed a hero for helping save a man's life.

IPSWICH: QUICK thinking Justin Wedderburn is today being hailed a hero for helping save a man's life.

The supervisor at Fore Street Swimming Pool sprung into action to rush to the aid of Graham Gordon.

The 57-year-old suffered a heart attack while sat in the reception area.

But luckily for him Mr Wedderburn was on hand to provide a heart massage and use a defibrillator machine to help bring Mr Gordon round.

Paramedics arrived minutes later to take Mr Gordon to hospital and it's believed that he's still recovering from his experience.

Mr Wedderburn said: “I was just doing my job. I don't consider myself to be a hero.”

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Recalling the incident, which happened last week, the 36-year-old added: “I rushed into reception and saw a man slumped in his seat. I laid him down on the floor, checked him over and there were no signs of life. Then I gave him a heart massage and used the defibrillator machine, which is owned by the Heartbeat Club, and gradually he started breathing.”

Swimming instructor Teresa Daykin added: “We think Justin's a hero even if he doesn't. He is trained to deal with these situations but even so he kept calm and acted quickly.

“I think it was 20 minutes between Mr Gordon having a heart attack and being taken to hospital - it all happened very quickly. We've heard that he's still recovering and we wish him all the best.”

Tim Snook, operation's manager for Ipswich Council's leisure services, said: “The work of the lifeguards at Fore Street was exemplary and we are pleased that their prompt action ensured that this man was able to be treated by the hospital. We now have trained staff and defibrillators at all our swimming pools and sports centres and this kind of lifesaving work proves their value.”

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