Popular nightclub set to close

IPSWICH: A popular town nightspot will close this weekend after the sale of the venue was completed earlier this week.

Night-time revellers have been left shocked after a spokesperson for Fire and Ice announced the club’s closure on online social networking site Facebook.

The announcement comes after two other popular town bars closed their doors.

Trevor Hollinsworth, consultant for the previous owners of Fire and Ice, told the Evening Star that the sale had been in the pipeline for a few months.

“The sale is something that has been going through for about two-and-a-half months now,” he said.

“It has been on the cards for a while and the offer was originally submitted two months before the sale went through this week

“We will be hosting the last night as Fire and Ice on Saturday, so this is the last week.”

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Fire and Ice has been a popular venue since it was opened in 2003. It was previously known as the First Floor Club.

Mr Hollinsworth later said that while he could not reveal the identity of the new owners, he knew that changes were coming to the Tacket Street venue.

He said: “The new owners are looking to re-fit the club and to rename it.

“Fire has been a fantastic nightspot for Ipswich.”

Last week, the Evening Star revealed that Bar Coda has closed down - however the reasons behind the closure still remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Marston’s confirmed that the chain had sold off popular bar and restaurant The Summerhouse.

He said: “I can confirm that it has been sold however I am unable to disclose who the site has been purchased by.”

The new owners of Fire and Ice are expected to re-open the venue within three months.

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