Postie John delivers good news

THIS resident believes she has the 'purrfect' postman after he found her missing cat.

THIS resident believes she has the 'purrfect' postman after he found her missing cat.

Linda Rachel, of Fishbane Close, Ipswich, was out of her mind with worry when her pet moggy Bob went missing. She searched all over the area with no joy but it was only when she put posters up that eagle-eyed local postman John Watson came to the rescue.

He kept a close eye out and managed to spot the cat in a bush around the corner.

Bob and his owner have now been reunited.

Mrs Rachel said: “One of our two rescue cats disappeared recently and so I put a missing poster with a photo on our front door. Our lovely postman John, who does the Braziers Wood round, promised that he would keep an eye open for him.

“True to his word I had a phone call from him to say that he had spotted him and he even took the trouble to show me exactly where he had been seen.

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“So, ten days after he went walkabout Bob is safely back home because one postman cared about the community in which he works.”

Mr Watson, 24, of Felix Road, who has been doing the job for about five years, said: “I knew the cat was missing so I was keeping an eye out for it. I was on my round when I saw him in a bush. I phoned Mrs Rachel up and stayed with the cat until she came round.

“It is a friendly community and I was happy to help. It made my day.”

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