Potholed roads causing sleepless nights misery

TRIMLEY ST MARY: A woman whose life has been blighted by noise “like a bomb exploding” from a road next to her house has spoken out after months of sleepless nights.

Sue Mallett, a 50-year-old shipping agent from Fen Meadow, Trimley St Mary, lives just a few yards away from the busy A14, and together with a group of nearby residents, is calling for something to be done about the noise caused by lorries.

Her bedroom, at the rear of the house, backs on to a patch of road covered in potholes and buckled tarmac and she is woken up to five times a night by the noise of heavy container lorries bouncing off the poor road surface on their way to and from Felixstowe port.

She has even resorted to taking sleeping tablets and wearing ear plugs in her quest for a good night’s sleep.

Mrs Mallett said: “The potholes are in the first lane, then in the overtaking lane there is a ridge where the road surface has buckled – when they hit that, it is even worse.

“It wakes me up four or five times a night so I never get any uninterrupted sleep.”

Mrs Mallett and her mother, 77-year-old Rita Ravenscroft, have been unable to leave their windows open during the hot summer weather because of the disruption.

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Despite a series of letters and phone calls since March, no permanent repairs have yet been carried out.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency, which manages the county’s trunk roads, said: “We are aware of potholes on the A14 and are monitoring them daily, filling them temporarily as required until a permanent repair can be arranged.”

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