Power cut hits hundreds of homes

TRIMLEY: After yet another power cut in the Felixstowe area, hundreds of residents were today wondering why they are suffering so many blackouts.

Last night’s cut, blamed by UK Power Networks on a fault with an underground cable supplying the peninsula, left 336 homes without light for at least 45 minutes and some faced even an longer wait for the power to be restored.

The affected area included various parts of the Trimleys, but Walton and Felixstowe itself have also been hit recently.

Mum-of-two Tracie Leggett, 40, joined her neighbour in Dains Place when the power went off.

“It’s a nightmare because we have got to cook tea for the children,” she said. “We’ve got six of them between us.

“Everyone’s affected by this and it keeps happening more and more often.

“A couple of weeks ago it went off for about an hour, and for about half an hour the time before that. It just seems to be happening all the time now.

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“We can’t feed the children or use the shower to bathe them, and there’s no television. There’s no lights in the house either and it’s getting darker.

“It’s just awful. Imagine how old people must feel, especially if they live on their own.”

Another concerned resident added: “We have been having lots of power cuts recently across the Felixstowe area and it would be good for UK Power Networks to tell us why this is happening so frequently.

“Every time we have an outage every device needs resetting and while some may be able to do this easily what about old folk and their ability to do the work.

“And what about those to whom power is a matter of life and death?”

A spokeswoman for the company said engineers were sent out to deal with the incident at 7pm.

“Supplies were initially interrupted to customers at 6.58pm [yesterday evening] following a fault with an underground electricity cable. The majority of customers were restored by 7.43pm.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

“There is no indication of any underlying problems in the area, but will ensure any work required is carried out promptly.”

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