Powercut hits Ipswich

MORE than 200 people were without electricity on Sunday after power cuts affected a part of Ipswich.

MORE than 200 homes were without electricity after power cuts affected a part of Ipswich.

Houses and businesses were without power for much of the day on Sunday in Spring Road, parts of St Helens Street, Grove Lane and Alexandra Road.

One property affected was the Masha of India restaurant in St Helens Street, which was forced to turn away customers.

Anwar Pasha said: “The restaurant was unable to open and we had no choice but to turn people away.

“I spoke to neighbours on nearby roads and lots of them were without power too, it was very inconvenient.

“We had no electricity between 10am and 11pm.”

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A spokesman for EDF Energy apologised for the power cut, which he said was caused when engineers had difficulty locating a fault.

He said: “A fault on an underground cable interrupted power to 94 customers in the Spring Road area of Ipswich at 6.10am.

“Power was briefly interrupted to about 140 other customers in the area as repairs were continuing.

“This fault proved particularly difficult to locate. Engineers restored power to customers in stages with the first supplies reconnected at midday and the final customers restored at 10.04pm.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this power interruption.”

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