Powergen assures TXU customers

NEW TXU owner Powergen has assured customers they will continue to be supplied, without interruption and on the same basis as before.The Coventry-based company announced today that it had bought TXU's retail business and three power stations for £1.

By Tracey Sparling

UNCERTAINTY today surrounds the future of what was to be the new headquarters for TXU in Ipswich.

The £23 million complex currently under construction in Russell Road – and earmarked as the flagship building for the developing Ipswich Village – was not part of the £1.37 billion TXU buyout by Coventry-based Powergen, on Monday .

Around 1,900 TXU employees – the majority of whom are based in Ipswich – have transferred to Powergen, a division of German company E.ON.

Contractors are still on the site and building work was continuing but Nick Lakin, spokesman for TXU said: "The new building is under consideration. It's future is up in the air.

"It was only a week and a half ago when things started to happen and during that time, our efforts have been to stabilise the business and make the sale."

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He said those concerns had occupied all managers' time so far, and the next stage will be to decide what is going to happen to parts of the business not covered by the deal."

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