Pressure builds for largest car park possible in Crown Street, Ipswich

David Ellesmere in Crown Car Park

David Ellesmere in Crown Car Park

As Ipswich council prepares to make a decision on the future of the Crown Car Park, a report suggests that a four-storey park might be needed to cope with demand in the town.

The borough is currently considering whether to build a single extra floor on the site of the park – which would double the surface car park’s capacity to about 400 vehicles, or whether to build a full multi-storey of a similar size to the former park which had to be demolished in 2009.

That had more than 800 spaces.

A report prepared for the borough’s executive next week says: “Detailed proposals are currently being prepared by Pyle Car

Parking consultants but indicative reports suggest that there is demand for a further 800-900 car parking spaces at Crown Car Park.”

• A temporary car park is also to be created on the site of the former police station in town

Borough council leader David Ellesmere said no decision on the size of the future car park on the site would be made until the end of next month at the earliest.

However work was expected to get under way on the new car park early next year – how long it takes will depend on how many storeys are built.

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Opposition Conservative leader Nadia Cenci said that if the report suggested a full multi-storey park should be built, her group would back that.

She said: “The town desperately needs high-quality, secure car parking. The council should get on and build this new park as soon as possible.”

The borough has been speaking to town centre employers to see how many would be prepared to buy season tickets in the park for employees.

Early reports suggest that many have indicated they would be prepared to buy parking spaces from Monday to Friday which would help ensure the viability of a new car park at this location.

The existing car park would be closed during construction – but new spaces are being created at the old Civic Centre site.