Priska’s playful pups

newbourne: They are bred from canine royalty and are among one of the rarest breed of dogs in this country.

Six playful puppies are getting used to the world around them at home in Newbourne.

The three-week-old litter of three females and three males were born to Finnish Spitz mum Priska.

Veera, Venla, Viivi and their brothers Vihtori, Viljami and Valtteri arrived in the world on March 11, delivered by caesarean section at Orwell Vets in Kesgrave.

After four-year-old Priska’s first pup was born stillborn, owner Johanna Mortimore, of Newbourne, was not prepared to take any chances with her precious litter.

Mrs Mortimore said her prize-possessions are six of just 12 Finnish Sptizes born so far this year. And with just 11 born in total last year they are among one of the rarest breeds in the UK.

The 54-year-old, who moved to this country from Finland 20 years ago, said she searched the UK for five years before finding Priska, as a present to herself for her 50th birthday.

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She said: “Because there are so few breeders in this country, and people are on waiting lists, it took me five years.

“I had a Finnish Spitz when I was younger, living in Finland.

“I named Priska after my first dog and when I look into her eyes I often think she is the same dog.”

This is Priska’s first litter and Mrs Mortimore said they are all thriving.

She added: “They are so clever, they are all together in a welping box at the moment and already they are sleeping at one end and wondering to the other end to do their business.

“By May when they will leave me they should be fully house trained.”

Dreading the thought of saying goodbye to the gorgeous puppies, Mrs Mortimore said she is determined to find the best owners for them.

She and her husband David and their four sons, are planning to keep the runt of the litter, little Viivi while another pup is set to go back to Priska’s breeder to carry on the Kennel club name.

“I want to make sure any prospective owners are right,” she said.

“I don’t want them just to go to people who decide they want a cute puppy.

“They are hunting dogs and need the time and space to run around.

“I can’t bear to think about saying goodbye to them at the moment.”

The bark pointer hunting dogs are excellent guard dogs and are perfect family pets.

Mrs Mortimore said ideally the puppies would go to countryside homes.

She added: “They are fantastic dogs, great companions and they are very loyal.”

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