Probe into flat arson attack horror

Police are today investigating a suspected arson attack which ripped through a flat.

Jo Thewlis

TRIMLEY ST MARTIN: Police are today investigating a suspected arson attack which ripped through a flat.

Fire crews from Felixstowe were called to the first-floor property in Meadow Close at 4.10pm yesterday after a neighbour smelt smoke and called the emergency services.

Watch manager Peter Ham, of Suffolk Fire Service, said: “When we arrived there was a lot of smoke and flames.

“We could see the fire inside the flat through the letter box.”

Firefighters forced their way into the flat, which was empty at the time, to tackle the blaze which had spread to the main living area.

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Police scenes of crimes officers were called at 4.50pm after crews believed fuel had been used to start the fire deliberately.

Mail lying at the foot of the door had then caught light before the flames spread to the carpet and a sofa in the vacant home.

Crews used breathing apparatus to tackle the fire, which was under control within 10 minutes.

The block of flats was not evacuated and no details were known about the flat's occupants, however they were not believed to be inside at the time.

Watch manager Ham, who is leading the fire investigation team, said: “The assumption is something was poured through the letter box and set alight.

“The crew did a fantastic job. They extinguished the fire and preserved the scene.”

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the blaze and samples of the suspected accelerant have been sent off for analysis.

Neighbours last night said they had been unaware of the incident until police officers alerted them to the situation.

A spokeswoman for the police said scenes of crime officers were called to the scene by fire fighters at 4.50pm, at which stage the flames had been put out.

Anyone with information about the suspected arson attack can call Suffolk Police on 01473 613500.

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