Prolific Ipswich burglar jailed after admitting 90 offences in Suffolk and Norfolk

Billy Swaley Smith

Billy Swaley Smith - Credit: Archant

A prolific burglar was today jailed for six years after admitting 90 break-ins in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Billy Smith, 26, formerly of West Meadows, Ipswich, and Ellingham in Norfolk admitted carrying out more than 43 house burglaries in and around Ipswich between June and November 4.

He had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary – one in Shelley near Hadleigh and two in Ipswich – at Ipswich Crown Court.

At each home various items of jewellery were stolen.

Today Smith also asked for 49 other Suffolk offences to be taken into consideration, along with a further 38 offences in Norfolk dating back to 2006.

Only one of the Norfolk offences related to a burglary at a domestic premises.

Smith had previously been widely publicised as wanted in both Norfolk and Suffolk, before being arrested on November 4.

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Detective Inspector Barry Byford said: “Billy Smith has been responsible for a significant number of burglary offences across Suffolk and Norfolk, causing distress and upset to a large number of victims.

“Officers in both counties have worked tirelessly to locate Smith and bring him before the courts, where he has admitted responsibility for a very large number of crimes.

“Tackling burglary has been a long standing priority for the Constabulary and it will continue to be so, as we realise the impact this has on victims and surrounding communities. Anyone who chooses to steal from a home can expect to be pursued by our teams who carry out dedicated work in this area.”