Protesters fear for strays if rescue shelter closes

felixstowe: Protesters from the Evening Star Save the Blue Cross campaign are today even more worried about the impact of closure of the rescue centre – after another charity announced cutbacks in animal care.

RSPCA bosses have said many of their centres across the country are to stop taking in strays or unwanted pets.

The organisation is getting back to its origins to focus on animals which have been cruelly abused, neglected or injured.

Many of the animals which arrive at the Blue Cross in Walton High Street, Felixstowe, needing new homes come from other parts of the country and campaigners say the need for the shelter will be even greater with less places available due to the RSPCA changing its focus.

“It will then fall upon the other charities to step in and take those pets which people are unable to keep for various reasons, or which are found on the streets abandoned as strays,” said campaigner Tom Crowley, former manager of the centre and now one of its volunteers.

“Even if Martlesham RSPCA does continue to take in such cats and dogs, the Blue Cross here will have more animals because it takes pets from all over the country.

“There is no way the Blue Cross should be considering closing the centre at this time of great need.”

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Blue Cross chief executive Kim Hamilton said: “We recognise that changing circumstances may require difficult decisions to be taken, however the Blue Cross will always help people who make the responsible choice to give up their pet and will continue to do all that we can to help as many abandoned animals as possible find permanent, loving new homes.”

The charity is due to make a decision by the end of the month whether or not to close its Felixstowe centre.

It put forward the plan because it wants to focus on the north-west of England.

More than 16,000 people signed the Evening Star petition against closure, and hundreds have taken part in protest rallies.

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