Pupils learn of alcohol dangers

HIGH school students in Felixstowe have been learning about the stark realities of booze - and the impact alcohol can have on lives.

Richard Cornwell

HIGH school students in Felixstowe have been learning about the stark realities of booze - and the impact alcohol can have on lives.

Youngsters were shown graphic adverts on drink-driving, wore special glasses which fool the eyes and brain into thinking the person is drunk and were given practical tips on dealing with alcohol abuse.

Robin Hearne, of the Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Service, led the roadshow at Orwell High and will this week be doing the same sessions at Deben High.

It is part of Suffolk Coastal District Council's Community Safety Partnership (CSP) project, funded by a �10,000 grant from the Home Office.

Cabinet member Sherrie Green said: “Excessive drinking is a concern for communities across the district not only because it is damaging to peoples' health and wellbeing, but because it is associated with other problems, such as anti-social behaviour, sexual assault and criminal damage.

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“By giving young people the facts about alcohol misuse and the problems it can cause in the short and long term, and encouraging them to explore these issues in discussion with fellow students and representatives of the CSP, the Alcohol Information Roadshows will make them aware of the risks and hopefully deter them from drinking too much in the future.”

Each student received a USB memory stick loaded with useful information about how many units of alcohol drinks contain, what to do if a friend becomes extremely intoxicated and contact details for organisations offering support to anyone affected by alcohol-related issues.

“Some of the stuff they covered about alcohol I already knew. The leaflet gave us a lot of useful information. The short adverts on drink driving were a good example of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. Overall, I thought this was a good session.” - Lauren Miles, year ten student, Orwell High.

“I found that the road show was very interesting and each session was beneficial. The beer goggles were very good; it showed you how you walk when you are drunk. It was beneficial for me because I do not drink. The sessions were good and I think they will make people cut down on drinking alcohol.” - Karman Potter, year ten student, Orwell High.

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