Puppy Max has surgery after swallowing charity token

HADLEIGH: Mischievous Max the miniature dachshund is just five months old, but has already caused his owners no end of worry.

Last month, Max’s owners Jean and Roy Madge noticed something wasn’t quite right with the lively, inquisitive puppy they had recently purchased as a companion to nine-year-old dachshund Ako.

When Max started to seem unwell, the couple, who live in Hadleigh, took him to the town’s Highcliff Veterinary Practice.

He eventually underwent surgery and it emerged the bold pup had swallowed a small green supermarket charity token, given out by Waitrose.

Mrs Madge said: “He is a very active little dog, except when he is potentially dying. I bought him as a companion for Ako – he was getting a little bit plump, so we thought that they would play together.

“He didn’t seem right and when we first took him to the vet they couldn’t find anything and they sent him home, but within a few hours he was upset again, so I took him back and they said the next day they were going to operate.

“It (the token) wasn’t showing up because it had caused a lot of swelling and bruising where it had landed in his chest.

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“(When they got it out) they thought it was a great joke at the surgery because it was a Waitrose token and he is covered by Tesco pet insurance.

“I wouldn’t think Tesco would be too pleased paying for treatment caused by a Waitrose token.I do go to Waitrose and do my shopping sometimes, so it might have dropped out of a carrier bag. I don’t take him out a lot because he is so small.”

Max is now back at home, recovering well and growing quickly, but Mr and Mrs Madge, who are both retired, remain wary of him accidentally swallowing something else.

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