Radiant smiles as Queen arrives

RADIANT smiles and bright sunshine greeted The Queen's arrival as she landed in Alexandra Park this morning.Her Majesty stepped from the helicopter at 10.

RADIANT smiles and bright sunshine greeted The Queen's arrival as she landed in Alexandra Park this morning.

Her Majesty stepped from the helicopter at 10.30 precisely.

Hundreds of pupils waving union flags spent the final minutes practising their curtseys in case Her Royal Highness walked their way.

Kira Elmy, 11, from Clifford Road School along with her grandmother Daisy waited with a bright bouquet. Kira said: "I am so excited I will be speechless if she comes my way."

At 10.14am a huge roar went up around the park when the royal helicopter was sighted in clear blue skies over Ipswich.

For many school children it was a perfect finale to a terms work on the Queen's Jubilee.

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Sarah Sharman, a teacher at Claydon Primary School, who drew lots to chose the 37 pupils in attendance said: "We worked all last term on the Golden Jubilee. Many children wrote of their parents' memories of the Silver Jubilee."

Ten-year-old Claydon pupil David Wade said: "On Jubilee day I felt very excited. The Queen has stuck at her job really well. If it were me I would have given up."

Three generations of one family were represented, including the youngest in the park one-year-old Callum Bunnyan, from Ipswich.

Grandmother, 61-year-old Anne said: "She is a fantastic lady, she does a great job and has done all her life."

Pets were also in attendance, including three and a half-year-old terrier cross Macduff sporting a special jubilee lead. His owner Pam Johnson from Wickham Market said: "I am a great fan of the Queen closely followed by Prince Philip She has dignity, charm in a very demanding job. Not only that she is a great dog lover."

After stepping down from the helicopter the Queen, dressed in a pale green two-piece suit and white hat walked immediately to her awaiting Jubilee Bentley to begin the slow drive through the park to Grove Lane.

En route Prince Philip signalled for the Bentley to slow down to receive a bouquet from a St Helens pupil Georgina Anstee, the only bouquet she received.

The excited eight-year-old said: "It was my nan's idea to buy the flowers. I felt so happy when The Queen accepted them."