Radio station needs new aerial

IPSWICH Community Radio (ICR) could be silenced if a new site is not found for the station's transmitter.

IPSWICH Community Radio (ICR) could be silenced if a new site is not found for the station's transmitter.

The aerial is currently located on the roof of Suffolk College - but with that building due for destruction in June, the popular local station will disappear from the airwaves unless a new home is found.

ICR is therefore appealing to anyone who knows of a suitable spot for the mast and wants to hear the station continue to broadcast long into the future.

The fully licensed radio station needs to identify a new site as soon as possible in conjunction with Ofcom rules and regulations. A rooftop is being sought on a fairly tall building within one mile of the studio, which is in the CSV Media Clubhouse on the corner of Portman Road and Princes Street.

Station Co-ordinator Nick Greenland described what requirements any potential site needs to fulfil. He said: “The whole thing really is quite urgent. Suffolk College is coming down in less than six months and the mast will have to come down with it.

“The site we need doesn't have to be large. We need one power point and space for a six or seven foot main aerial - which is a glass - plus a smaller aerial to receive the signal from the studio. The transmitter itself is roughly two foot cubed and needs to be undercover.

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“We'll need access once or twice a year for a service inspection and anyone who has a site we could use would receive full on-air recognition. If a company or local business came forward, we would of course work out a way to credit them for their help.”

ICR has been broadcasting to Ipswich on 105.7fm since August 15, 2007. The station's philosophy is be offer a platform for discussion and reflect the breadth of interests, languages and cultures that make the town what it is.

If you can find a new home for the ICR mast, call the station on 01473 418022.

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