Rap-loving noise nuisance in court for disturbing Ipswich neighbours

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

A rap-loving noisy neighbour has been taken to court for continually disturbing his Ipswich neighbours with his music.

Ekenna Picort, of Ulster Avenue, pleaded guilty to breaching an Ipswich Borough Council noise abatement notice when he appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The 21-year-old noise nuisance was served with the notice on January 19.

The council had received complaints about loud music coming from his address.

The sanction compelled Picort to exercise control over the level of amplified sound to ensure he did not cause problems for the occupiers of neighbouring properties.

However, on April 16 a borough council Environmental Health Officer went to Ulster Avenue in response to a call by a resident complaining about loud music at Picort’s home.

The officer arrived shortly after 11.30pm and walked towards a flat below Picort’s premises.

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Before entering the complex he heard a bass beat and a male voice rapping.

The officer then entered the complainant’s property and went to their bedroom. He could still hear the bass beat and people’s voices coming Picort’s flat.

Individual male voices were heard rapping and accompanying the thumping music.

In the officer’s opinion the noise would have prevented people from sleeping.

He stayed at the property until shortly after midnight as the bass beat and rapping continued.

The officer then walked past Picort’s door to be sure it was where the noise was coming from.

Magistrates fined Picort £90 and ordered him to pay £250 towards the prosecution costs.

He must also pay £30 to the victims’ fund.

After a similar hearing earlier this year a borough council spokesman said: “Noisy neighbours can be a blight on people’s lives and we urge residents to report blatant noise nuisance to us via the website www.ipswich.gov.uk and we will investigate.”