Rape accused made child victim pregnant, court told

FELIXSTOWE: A man is today on trial accused of raping three teenage girls – one of whom claims he impregnated her.

Jurors at Ipswich Crown Court heard prosecutors allege Anthony Braithwaite raped the three girls aged 14 and 15 between November 2004 and July 2005.

He also stands accused of sexually touching a 15-year-old girl in October 2005.

The 38-year-old, from Shotley Close, Felixstowe, is alleged to have carried out the offences without the consent of each of the four girls, now aged either 19 or 20.

Prosecutor Lindsay Cox told the jury the first alleged victim said she had got to know Braithwaite through school friends.

“The defendant had a sideline in selling clothes on the internet,” Mr Cox said.

“She and her friends would go round to his address and buy them.”

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In November 2004, Braithwaite is said to have told the girl that he had new stock and invited her to his home.

Mr Cox said: “On this one occasion she went by herself. The defendant gave her some alcohol in the living room.

“She described herself as getting drunk.

“Her next recollection is waking up in the defendant’s bedroom with her trousers and knickers no longer on and immediately worked out something was very badly amiss.”

Mr Cox said that two months later the girl realised she was pregnant with Braithwaite’s child.

“She confirms she neither consented to, nor wanted, sexual intercourse and indeed was unconscious.”

Two other women claim to have been raped by Braithwaite after going to his home alone.

Both claim they were given alcohol and then recall waking up in his bedroom to him having sex without their consent.

A fourth woman alleges that in October 2005, when she was 15, Braithwaite kissed her and undid the top button of her jeans.

He is then said to have stopped when told to by the girl.

Braithwaite was arrested in February this year and denied committing any of the offences.

After being informed by interviewing officers that he was the father of one of the alleged victim’s children, he admitted having sex with her but said he believed her to be of a consensual age.

Mr Cox concluded: “He told police that it was her idea to have sex and that the sex was consensual.

“We say these are vulnerable young girls who all thought they could trust him. He was significantly older.”

The jury was today due to hear an opening statement in defence of Braithwaite, who denies the charges.