Ravenswood/Stowmarket: Plans for new care homes to go on display

Two new care homes could be created

Two new care homes could be created - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

AN public consultation and exhibition is set to reveal plans for two new care homes.

Care UK, who took responsibiolity for 16 residential homes previously run by the county council, have revealedAlnesbourn Crescent, in Ravenswood, as a potential site for a home to house up to 80 people. Another possible site is at Cedars Park, Stowmarket, which will provide a home for 70 people.

Both homes would have wellbeing centres to offer day care services and clubs for older people living independently.

Public exhibitions will allow people to learn more about the plans which would open before Crabbe Street and Sidegate Lane close. After both consultation periods are complete, Care UK will then apply for planning approvals.

Chris Hopkinson, regional operations director for Care UK, said the new sites would provide “invaluable rescources” for the community.

Residents currently living at Sidegate Lane and Crabbe Street wil be given the choice to move into the new home in Alnesbourn Crescent, which would be set for completion in October next year.

Thsoe currently living in Wade House Stowmarket will also have the choice to move the new care home in Cedars Park.

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An exhibition will be held between 3.30pm and 7pm today at Ravenswood Community Centre on Hening Avenue. Another willl be held at Cedars Park Primary School on Pintail Road, Stowmarket tomorrow from 4pm to 6.15pm.