Repair work due at Town Hall in Ipswich – but Cornhill will have to wait

Ipswich Town Hall. Picture: IPSWICH BOROUGH COUNCIL

Ipswich Town Hall. Picture: IPSWICH BOROUGH COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

Ipswich council has applied for permission to carry out repair work to the Town Hall.

It is to install new lights on the front of the building on the Cornhill and new balustrades to the front doors.

However officials at the borough say this work is not linked with the planned redevelopment of the Cornhill which is due to get under way early next year.

That will see the setting of the Town Hall change completely – although an original proposal to build up the land immediately in front of the building to create a level entrance was dropped after objections from local people and heritage groups.

This work is designed to replace lighting which has reached the end of its natural life and would have to be carried out whether or not the Cornhill was due to be rebuilt.

That work is scheduled to start in January, but there is still no confirmation about what will happen to the town’s market during the year-long rebuilding project.