Rescue drama for boy, 4, stuck behind shed

IPSWICH: Four-year-old Ollie Clarke had been happily enjoying his half term when he managed to get himself into a very sticky situation.

IPSWICH: Four-year-old Ollie Clarke had been happily enjoying his half term when he managed to get himself into a very sticky situation.

The brave youngster was playing in the garden at his home in Wellesley Road with brother Owen, 5, when disaster struck.

The pair spotted discarded CDs behind the shed and Owen decided to wriggle behind the wooden structure to reach them.

But when he failed, his plucky younger brother decided to give it a go.

Ollie climbed over the shed and squeezed down behind it - before realising he was completely stuck.

The youngster, who is at nursery at Clifford Road Primary School, said: “I was scared and I cried.

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“I couldn't move one bit.

“I wanted my daddy to get me out.”

Worried mum Katy Clarke said her eight-year-old daughter Lois ran inside to tell her Ollie had got himself into trouble.

When she found Ollie, wedged between the shed and a wall about a foot off the ground, she thought her youngest child was messing around.

“I told him if he got himself in there he could get himself out, but he was stuck fast,” she said.

“His trousers were caught on a trampoline spring which is up against the shed. He was just hanging there calling for his daddy to come and rescue him.”

After around 45 minutes of trying to free her son, Mrs Clarke dialled 999 in a desperate attempt to get help.

Within a few minutes of arriving firefighters had managed to move the trampoline and shed allowing the frightened four-year-old to walk free.

Fully recovered from his ordeal, Ollie said: “I am not going down there again, no way.”

Mrs Clarke said she owes a “huge thanks” to the fire service.

“We are so thankful for their help,” she said. “It was a real relief when I knew they were on their way. I knew then he would be ok and we could get him out, I knew he wouldn't be stuck anymore.

“It was awful but I am so grateful for their help and reassurance.”

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