Residents: Bring Olympic torch to town

RESIDENTS today urged community leaders to think again over a refusal to bring the Olympic torch to a seaside town - and say they are not afraid of terrorists.

RESIDENTS today urged community leaders to think again over a refusal to bring the Olympic torch to a seaside town - and say they are not afraid of terrorists.

The Evening Star carried out a snapshot survey on the streets of Felixstowe to see what the public thought of its council possibly rejecting the chance to host the torch tour.

Virtually everyone scoffed at the idea that it could make the resort a terrorist target - and said its high-profile port, an international gateway for cargo from all over the world, already did that.

People said the town council should stand up to the terror bullies, and hoped it would look again at the idea and launch an immediate bid to bring the 2012 Olympic celebrations to the resort.

Councillors are due to be updated on the security arrangements for the torch tonight .

Former mayor of Felixstowe, Andy Smith said there was “big potential for terrorism and disruption” associated with the torch tour - similar events leading up to the China games had been targets for protests - and the town should beware of having anything to do with it.

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“I don't think anyone has seriously got their heads round what an important, critical and strategic target it will be for all those groups who want to cause mayhem,” he said.

Other councillors though are in favour of the torch event - as is Stan Cox, 90, who ran in the 1948 London Olympics and in Helsinki four years later, who would love to lead a torch parade through his home town.

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Word on the Street: What people thought of the town council's terrorism concerns

“How ridiculous - we will be frightened of going outside soon! The biggest security operations will be around the Olympic site, not out in the wilds of Suffolk,” said Nigel Papworth, of Marsh Lane, Felixstowe.

“I think such an occasion would promote our town in a positive light - at such a negative time like this we could do with a positive vibe,” said Nigel Dixon, of Penfold Road, Felixstowe.

“It could be a really lovely event for Felixstowe - a big attraction to bring people to the town,” said Christine Daynes, of the You're Having A Laugh Party shop, Hamilton Road, Felixstowe.

“I don't think security would be a problem - I think the police would have that under control and we would all enjoy a great event,” said Robert Toal, of Buregate Road, Felixstowe.

“I don't think it would be a major threat. We already have a huge security risk with the port here - I don't think terrorists would wait for the torch to come,” said John Maynard, of Upperfield Drive, Felixstowe.

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