Residents concern as coffin appears on quayside

WATERFRONT: Town residents have voiced their concerns after a coffin appeared in a hearse parked on the quayside.

The vintage vehicle, which belong to tattoo company Diablo Ink, has been a common sight on the Waterfront for more than a year, however in recent weeks residents have noticed that a new hearse had parked up with a coffin on board.

Elizabeth Green, 22, of Ipswich, said she thought the coffin was out of taste.

“I think it is awful,” she said. “If my children turn around and ask me what it is – they will be scared if I say it is a coffin.

“I just think it is disturbing.”

Lorna Grey, 18, said she thought it was “extremely odd”.

Texola von Diablo, owner of Diablo Ink, told The Evening Star that the hearse was meant to be “light-hearted”.

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He said: “I got my first hearse more than a year ago, and now I have a new one too, that is the one with the coffin inside.

“I think people shouldn’t be disturbed by it, there are more disturbing things in the town centre.

“It is promotional, everywhere it goes people are talking about it.

“I have had two or three negatives comments about it but on the whole it has all been positive.

“It is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek and light-hearted. At the end of the day, I am keeping a classic car on the road.”

He revealed the newest hearse will soon be completed by funeral flowers spelling out ‘Elvis’,

Temporary Sergeant Nick Rush from Ipswich Central Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We have not received any complaints about this issue but we are aware of it.

“The vehicle is parked away from residential properties but if any members of the public have any concerns then please call Ipswich Central SNT on 101.”

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