Residents: Don't create Trimley Town

VILLAGERS in the twin Trimley communities have called for a “modest” amount of new homes to be built - but do not want to become “Trimley Town”.

VILLAGERS in the twin Trimley communities have called for a “modest” amount of new homes to be built - but do not want to become “Trimley Town”.

Parish councillors in Trimley St Mary discussed Suffolk Coastal's “blobs on maps” document which identifies potential areas of land where up to 1,620 homes could be built in the Felixstowe area.

But they rejected the ideas - and suggested two smaller sites of their own.

Councillors felt a five-acre piece of scrubland between Thomas Avenue, on the Farmlands estate, and Thurmans Lane, could be suitable for homes - perhaps around 80 houses - and also the Great Street Farm site in High Road, though it would probably accommodate only a handful.

Of Suffolk Coastal's suggestions, the council agreed to support use of a parcel of land in Trimley St Mary off the dock spur roundabout - but only if Felixstowe Town Council agreed to the whole of the site off Gulpher Road being developed.

A major protest campaign has been launched to fight this suggestion as it is vital countryside for the Felixstowe area and experts say it should be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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Trimley St Mary has consistently said it would accept around 50 new homes for young people to be able to continue to live in the village, and some sheltered homes for the elderly.

It has stressed the need for affordable housing.

Landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, have submitted a plan for the future which would see most of the fields in Trimley St Mary and Trimley St Martin taken for housing.

Councillor Graham Harding said: “We need to be very careful because if we allow our fields to be taken which separate our two communities we will not be talking about Trimley villages - it will be Trimley Town.”

Council chairman Bryan Frost said proposals to use fields off High Road in the Reeve Lodge area were a “no brainer”.

“I think it is totally unsuitable - High Road is narrow and the traffic along there is very busy and developing that land and adding all those extra cars would be potentially horrendous,” he said.

Richard Kerry said any development off High Road should be small to limit the impact, and it was essential, too, to keep a green buffer between Felixstowe and Trimley.

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