Residents' fly-tipping nightmare

FLY tippers are becoming out of control in an Ipswich street claim its residents.Residents in Tyler Street say they are fed up with truckloads of rubbish being dumped outside their homes.

FLY tippers are becoming out of control in an Ipswich street claim its residents.

Residents in Tyler Street say they are fed up with truckloads of rubbish being dumped outside their homes.

Council workers are constantly visiting the same spot in the street to remove rubbish that has been dumped there.

This week residents have had to call on the council three times to clear mounds of dumped broken goods.

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On the third visit on Wednesday, workers cleared up a truckload of goods including four dining chairs, a fish pond, clumps of cement, firewood and broken glass.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, lives near to the makeshift dumping ground.

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He said: "It is getting ridiculous. It seems to be happening nearly every other day.

"The chosen spot is right where the bins are collected each week by the bin men but now people seem to be leaving larger goods like washing machines, broken furniture and garden waste.

"As well as it not looking very nice it gets in the way of coming down the street and can often be littered right outside my door. The council do keep coming out to clear it but more just keeps appearing."

Alan Druce, of Tyler Street, said: "People seem to come into the street, park their cars here and unload the rubbish. If there is food in the dumped bags cats rip them open and spread it along the street. It really has made it unpleasant to live here."

Tania Bailey, another resident, said: "It doesn't seem to be a problem caused by the residents in the street. I haven't a clue where the latest load came from."

Council workers were called out twice to the street on Monday , once to clear away a microwave and again to take a washing machine away.

Those who have to visit the site say it is a regular spot for dumpers and they are getting tired of having to come out to clear rubbish away.

Glynis Wood, StreetCare team leader, said: "I don't know why we have to go there so much but it does seem to be a favourite location for fly tippers.

"The residents do their best to keep it tidy but more just keeps appearing.

"We will come down hard on the people who do it though. We check for evidence and will prosecute any offenders."

The council is keen for people to report fly tippers and anyone who wishes to report information can contact the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline on 01473 433000.

The Ipswich Furniture Project, a council run charity, will come to collect items such as freezers, fridges, cookers and washing machines for free.

The charity can be contacted on 01473 404004.

The council also runs a Bulky Refuse Service where for a small fee residents can get goods removed. Those on income benefits do not have to pay. The service can be contacted on 01473 433090.

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