Residents getting life back to normal after alleged attack

FELIXSTOWE: A community whose quiet idyll was wrecked by an alleged attempted murder is today piecing its life back together again.

Residents of Exmoor Road – a collection of bungalows mainly lived in by elderly people – were left deeply shocked by the alleged incident which took place last Saturday.

Some spent the first few days afterwards frightened to go out after Malcolm Gordon Hockley, known as Gordon, was taken to Ipswich Hospital with wounds to his throat and head, and injuries to his hands, lower body, face and back, after the alleged incident at his home.

The suspect, believed to be 66-year-old John Hubbard, who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and later released on bail, has been taken to a secure location.

“It was a great shock,” said one resident, who asked not to be named.

“This is such a quiet place and everyone gets on really well.

“We are very close and people help each other out, and that is what will get us all through this and get everything back to normal.”

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Another elderly resident said: “Some of us have lived here a long time and it is a really nice place, very friendly.

“We get a few problems with children from time to time, but it’s just mischief really. Nothing horrible has ever happened here before.”

The residents meet socially for coffee mornings, and keep an eye out for each other, regularly visiting neighbours’ homes to see if they need help.

Sheila Fahy, who has many friends in the bungalows, said: “It really is a lovely community and everyone knows each other. Everyone is pulling together and will get over this.”

The bungalows, tucked away at the back of the Walton Recreation Ground and surrounding the empty Conford House sheltered complex which is soon to be demolished and redeveloped with more bungalows, have been a feature of the area for about 40 years.

Mr Hockley, a keen fisherman who is often seen with his boat at Felixstowe Ferry, has been making a good recovery and staff at Ipswich Hospital expect him to have his 17 stitches removed next week.

He has been deemed fit enough to return home and Flagship Housing, owners of his bungalow, have been asked to clean up the property so he can return.

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