Residents going potty over road holes

SUFFOLK: We asked you to tell us about potholes - and you've responded in your droves.

Ken McErlain

SUFFOLK: We asked you to tell us about potholes - and you've responded in your droves.

Since The Evening Star launched our Spot The Pot campaign last week, we've been inundated with messages from people in Ipswich and the surrounding areas who have spotted dangerous holes in the road.

Our message remains the same - if you see a pothole give us a call or send us an email.

We will be sending details of every pothole reported to the borough or county council to help them return our county's roads to normal.

Pothole-spotter Annie O'Rourke said: “I am incensed at the amount of potholes that I encounter on a daily basis in Ipswich.

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“I know that the recent big chill has caused many of these potholes and understand that the council is doing their best to repair these but, my main chagrin is with a set of potholes that reside in Robin Drive in Chantry.

“I travel into Robin Drive up to eight times a day on occasions, and as well as slowing my vital journey time down these potholes cause considerable damage to my car and my nerves!”

Helen Peck said: “There are bad potholes at the entrance of Tuddenham Avenue, from Tuddenham Road, on Gainsborough Road near the park, Park Road and Constitution Hill.”

Graham Jennings, of Westbourne, said: “Has anyone reported the potholes at the junction of Ulster Avenue and Bramford Lane, in Whitehouse?

“It's difficult to avoid them because they are exactly at the junction entrance.”

One reader e-mailed us to report potholes at a roundabout between Duke Street, Cliff Road and Myrtle Road.

They said: “I invite anyone to cycle round this roundabout and see if you can do it without falling into the giant cracks!”

Paul Kusionowicz, of Elmcroft Road, said: “We have one outside our house. Every time a car or vehicle goes over it, our home shakes.”

If you spot a pothole, give us a call, send an e-mail, if possible with a picture and a post code to tell us where the pot hole is located.

Call the news desk on 01473 324788 or e-mail:

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