Residents raise fears over fun park

IPSWICH: Concerns over noise and anti-social behaviour were today raised following the imminent arrival of a travelling fair at one of Ipswich’s smallest parks.

The fun park, which opens on Thursday evening, will be situated in Alderman Road Recreation Ground until June 6 with organisers promising a reasonably priced fun-filled family attraction.

But one resident who lives near to the park – and who uses the green space every day to walk her dog – questioned why Ipswich Borough Council had sanctioned the event.

Lauren Harvey, 23, of Cullingham Road, accused the council of “short-sightedness” and raised fears over the impact the event would have on the park.

“People use this park for dog walking, playing sports and sitting quietly in the sunshine, reading or having a picnic with their children,” she said.

“None of this is now possible thanks to the short-sightedness of our council.

“I am also concerned about the state the park will be left in.

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“We live close to Alderman park and we are concerned about the noise level, not just for ourselves but for the other residents that live in the surrounding area.”

Mrs Harvey is a nursery nurse and said she regularly took youngsters to Alderman Park – but admitted it would be impossible while the fair was taking place.

However, borough bosses defended the event.

James Young, events and waterfront manager, said the aim was to rotate special attractions around Ipswich. We are trying to put on different events in different areas,” he said.

“Ipswich Village, which is where Alderman Park is located, is somewhere we are trying to encourage people to visit.

“We want people to realise what a fantastic park it is.”

He said the fair, which boasts more than 25 rides and attractions, had also provided a “valuable stream of income” for the borough council.

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