Residents urged to stay safe in the snow

SUFFOLK residents have been warned to stay safe in the snow as the county's police force faces increased demands on its resources.

Elliot Furniss

DRIVERS have been warned against complacency as the county experiences a thaw.

Higher temperatures today have caused the heavy snow that coated the region yesterday to melt, but travel conditions remain hazardous.

A police spokesman said: “The weather conditions are still causing some disruption across the county, even though most areas are experiencing a slight thaw.

“We would ask people not to be complacent with this thaw and to exercise extra caution in the wet and icy conditions.”

She asked people to “enjoy the snow” but be considerate while throwing snowballs and check up on elderly and vulnerable neighbours who may be struggling in the inclement conditions.

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The spokesman said: “If you have any concerns at all about an elderly or vulnerable person living nearby, please knock on the door and check they are OK.

“Please check to see if older people can get to the shops and have what they need in the house.

“Encourage people to use their heating, drop in some essential supplies or extra blankets if you can, and make sure that driveways and steps are ice free. If you have serious concerns, contact the emergency services.

“Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank motorists for listening to the advice issued by the emergency services and for their continued patience and responsible driving during these extreme weather conditions.”

However, police are still urging people to avoid the roads and only travel if absolutely necessary.

The spokesman added: “With the increased amount of pressure on the emergency services we ask that the public remain patient and supportive.”