Resort �2.8m revamp will cut congestion

FELIXSTOWE'S shopping centre is to be given a �2.8 million revamp to make it people-friendly and cut car congestion and danger.

FELIXSTOWE'S shopping centre is to be given a �2.8 million revamp to make it people-friendly and cut car congestion and danger.

Work on the first phase of the ambitious scheme will get under way this autumn, it emerged today.

The project is a major part of the blueprint being drawn up to regenerate the resort and will make shopping a more attractive experience, create an outside performance area for bands and street entertainers, and change some of the most-used traffic routes.

The first phase will see the stretch of Hamilton Road between Boots and Bank Corner turned into a pedestrian-friendly area, with all pavements and kerbing and signs removed, and one surface and more trees and benches added.

All parking will be removed, except for a few spaces for disabled blue badge holders and delivery vehicles.

Cars will still be allowed down the road but Suffolk County Council is confident the changes will deter motorists, with pedestrians having freedom to roam and average speeds in such areas being 10mph with 90 per cent less traffic.

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Many drivers who use Hamilton Road drive round in a circuit looking for somewhere to park. However, with no parking and alternative shorter routes to the seafront, these vehicles will be removed.

“By removing the dominance of motor vehicles, pedestrians are able to move freely about the space in safety,” said a council spokesman.

“All users are obliged to have consideration for each other and the effect is to slow vehicle traffic right down and allow pedestrians to gain the freedom of movement they desire in the shopping area, making the whole experience much more safe and enjoyable.”

Bent Hill will have similar treatment and be one-way up or down. Other changes include a new roundabout at the top of Convalescent Hill and restrictions on Undercliff Road West.

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A SECOND phase of work in Felixstowe town centre will involve turning The Triangle into a place for flowers, fountains and fun.

Community leaders have long wanted to make the area more attractive - a real centrepiece for people to relax.

The aim is to demolish the ugly toilets and relocate them elsewhere, move the taxi rank across to Crescent Road in front of the shops, and then expand The Triangle across where the rank now stands.

This would create a space for public art, possibly fountains, more landscaping, and somewhere bands could play and other open-air entertainment take place.

The traffic lights outside the cinema would be removed and the area ramped and paved to discourage cars and create a pedestrian-friendly link from the Crescent car park to The Triangle and shops.