Retiring cop goes on the run

SUFFOLK: One of Suffolk's top police officers is leaving the force after 30 years and going on the run in America.

SUFFOLK: One of Suffolk's top police officers is leaving the force after 30 years and going on the run in America.

It will have taken 52 years for Detective Superintendent Tim Beach to get from his hometown York to New York, but when he gets there it will be worth it.

After leaving the constabulary at the end of this month, Det Supt Beach is due to take part in the New York Marathon on November 1 with his eldest daughter, Kate, to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

Det Supt Beach said: “Kate persuaded me to do the Bungay Black Dog run in February. We ran reasonable times so in a weaker moment she said 'why not don't we run a marathon'.

“We are running for Bowel Cancer UK because someone close to her died of the illness earlier this year and it seemed appropriate to try to raise some money for the charity.

“I have never run a marathon before. Kate is a lot younger and fitter than me. She ran cross country for the county as a schoolgirl, so she will probably find it fairly easy and I'm sure I will find it difficult.”

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However, Det Supt Beach has never been one to shirk a challenge since he moved from Yorkshire to join Suffolk Police in 1979.

He holds the unusual - if not unique - distinction of serving at every possible rank in Ipswich, including area commander while acting chief superintendent.

Det Supt Beach, who is currently responsible for public protection, has also worked in Felixstowe and Sudbury during his time in the force.

He said: “When I first started it was as a police constable in Felixstowe and I wanted to be a detective. I did that in just a couple of years and for most of my career I have stayed within CID.

“I have done pretty well everything I wanted to do within the police. I have dealt with major crime and murders which are always difficult.

“While professionally they were quite exciting and challenging, every single one had a tragic, human story behind it.

“I don't think I have ever become too cynical about people. Most people are decent people. The number of those who do serious harm to people deliberately are a tiny, tiny, tiny, minority.”

Now though, it is almost time for Det Supt Beach to put his life of crime behind him and to look the challenge ahead.

To sponsor Det Supt Beach log on to and put in his name.

The first New York City Marathon was in 1970

The 127 runners paid the $1 to race around Central Park and 55 finished

In 1976 the course was redrawn through all five New York boroughs

Great Britain's Paula Radcliffe won the women's race in 2008

This year's 40th NYM will host the 2009 USA Men's Marathon Championship.

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