Review: Henning Wehn, Ipswich Regent, Saturday, September 30

Henning Wehn, performed at the Regent. Picture: ARCHANT

Henning Wehn, performed at the Regent. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Immigration, racism – the topic of German comedian Henning Wehn’s latest show may not sound like the fruits of a comic tree, but the self-titled German comedy ambassador to the UK knew how to deliver a tear-inducing laugh with a sold out Regent performance this evening.

Comedian Henning Wehn

Comedian Henning Wehn - Credit: Archant

With his trademark observations on what makes the British so utterly British (failure, pride in failure), Henning made plenty of witty spiels on topics including how English Heritage can prevent a burglary, why you shouldn’t clap along to a song you don’t know the words to and why yoga is a training ground for terrorism.

A picture quiz followed by a fussy job of tidying up afterwards helped expose the stereotypes both Germans and Brits live by, but by the end left you wondering how true those stereotypes are.

However the highlight came from a glorious celebration of the “upper class” M6 Toll, complete with thoughts of Richard Clayderman playing piano in the services, as well as a detailed analysis of the class breakdown at your average darts night out.

On the evidence of tonight, we can’t wait to have you back, ambassador.