Review: The Nutcracker, The Russian State Ballet of Siberia, Ipswich Regent

Russian State Ballet of Siberia The Nutcracker

Russian State Ballet of Siberia The Nutcracker - Credit: Archant

At the end of February, the red velvet curtains of the Regent opened up to the warm glow of a star-topped Christmas tree.

The Russian Ballet of Siberia skipped and tapped during Victorian parlour games and snowball fights timed to Tchaikovsky’s score, expertly rendered by the Russian State Ballet Orchestra.

There was not a naughty toe in sight, as the presents from the local magician, including Clara’s Nutcracker, were paraded for the party.

However, when lights dimmed, and the family went to sleep, the Regent’s stage was truly transformed to the dreamlike wonderland expected from this classic fairy-tale - and any consciousness of what month it was fell away.

The feud between the gingerbread soldiers and the mice (who looked like mice!) ensued, finishing with the bang of a canon. The enchanting Waltz of the Snowflakes was impeccably timed by the female chorus to a chiming percussion, while one member of the company performed the en-pointe jumps demanded by the Chinese tea dance with an unfazed smile.

Any expectations of whirling pink tutus were met by Flower ensemble, and topped off with the sequins of the strong principle dancer who played Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

After being treated with such festive magic, the earlier polite clapping, which greeted the dancers and musicians, was long forgotten and raucous applause, and a few wolf-whistles wished them a good evening.