Richard Lister

UCS deputy provost Richard Lister is the Ipswich Star ombudsman. He gives an independent view of complaints made to, and investigated by, the Ipswich Star’s editorial department.

He has worked at UCS since 2006 and was previously Director of Planning and Resources and Executive Director.

Mr Lister has spent most of his career pioneering work in schools liaison and widening participation and was a founder member of both the Schools Liaison Officers Group and its successor; the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association.

He previously worked at Brunel, Hull and Essex Universities.

The post of Deputy Provost at UCS is responsible for five administrative directorates: IT, Estates, Academic Services, Partnerships and Planning, and External Relations and Marketing.

He said: “One of the roles of the Ipswich Star ombudsman is to try to steer a path between the need to report accurately and fairly on one hand and on the other I need to be sensitive to the very genuine reactions of readers with an understanding to their troubles and tragedies.

“It is the business of the newspaper to be lively and topical in order to sell copies and to thrive while being careful not to overstep the boundaries of intrusion where the news intersects with the private life of an individual.”