Rise in asbestos-related disease claims by teachers, hospital workers and DIY enthusiasts

Phoebe Osborne of Ashtons Legal. Picture: ASHTONS LEGAL

Phoebe Osborne of Ashtons Legal. Picture: ASHTONS LEGAL - Credit: Archant

A solicitor specialising in asbestos-related disease cases says the number of school teachers, health care professionals and DIY enthusiasts making claims has risen in recent years.

Phoebe Osborne, of Ashtons Legal, said many homes, schools and public buildings still contain the material which degrades over time, releasing its deadly fibres every time is it disturbed.

“Thankfully most people who have been exposed to asbestos never suffer any illness, but those who do go on to develop symptoms 15-40 years later and are often diagnosed during retirement or whilst working to care for their families,” she said.

“It is no longer only older people either - construction workers, plumbers and carpenters are being diagnosed along with teachers, pupils and hospital workers.”

Ashtons Legal has set up a support group for those suffering the effects of exposure to asbestos, giving them a chance to meet other people in their situation and to learn more about the condition.

The Anglia Asbestos Disease Support Group meets on the third Monday of each month in Norwich and the fourth Tuesday of each month in Bury St Edmunds.

The group’s next meeting in Suffolk is on September 26 at The Stroke Association, Kempson Way, Bury.

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