Rise in burglary and car crime in Ipswich leads to nearly 300 offences in eight weeks


Burglary - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ipswich police are warning residents to prioritise security after nearly 300 break-ins, thefts from cars and incidents of vehicle vandalism.

Over the past eight weeks there has been a spike in home burglaries and car crime in the town. Many of the offences have occurred after doors and windows were left unlocked or open.

Since late August there have been at least 48 burglaries, six attempted burglaries, 105 thefts from cars and 131 vehicles have been vandalised.

East Ipswich in particular has borne the brunt of the increase.

Detectives believe a small number of offenders are likely to be behind a large number of the break-ins and thefts.

Earlier this month police said there were nine burglaries and an attempted burglary in north-east Ipswich between October 3 and 9.

Officers said the doors at the rear of properties were being forced in order to gain entry.

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During the same week there was a noticeable rise in car crime in south-east Ipswich, with older-style vehicles such as a Ford Sierra and a Peugeot 205 being stolen. A number of cars and vans were also broken-into, with items such as SatNavs, loose change and wallets being stolen.

Hotspot patrols were created, with an additional uniformed and plain clothed police presence in the areas affected.

Officers are particularly keen to catch those responsible for the break-ins.

Detective Inspector David Giles, of Ipswich police, said: “We think the number of offenders responsible for a high number of the crimes is really low. Many of these offences are being committed during the day when people are at work and in the evening. They are not necessarily being committed overnight.

“People should make sure their house is as secure as possible. If they are at home during the day, they should look out for their neighbours’ property and call us if they see anything suspicious.

“In the evenings, it’s the seasonal problem of making your home look like it is occupied. Use timer lights that come on before it gets dark and again look out for your neighbours.

“It is mainly jewellery that is being taken and if someone is offered any jewellery for sale in suspicious circumstances they should be worried.

“It is possible it is stolen and people should report it to the police.

“Also, people should remember if they buy any stolen items they are criminally liable.

“We have also seen an increase in vehicle crime.

“It is probably one offender at a time committing large numbers of these crimes. We do everything we can to catch people, but it is very difficult unless there is CCTV or someone witnesses it and tells us.

“We also know we have a number of thefts from cars where people have left their vehicles unlocked.”

Anyone who sees a crime in progress should telephone 999. Alternatively, if you have any information which could help catch offenders telephone Suffolk Constabulary on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.