Rise in milk bottle thefts in Ipswich is ‘concerning’, says milkmen service Foulgers Dairy

Foulgers Diary of Grundisburgh have reported a recent spate of milk thefts from properties in Ipswic

Foulgers Diary of Grundisburgh have reported a recent spate of milk thefts from properties in Ipswich Pictured: Milkman James Codling.

Dozens of milk bottles delivered to Ipswich homes by milkmen have been stolen in the last month, a “concerned” Suffolk firm has said.

Norwich Road in Ipswich.

Norwich Road in Ipswich.

Thieves are increasingly targeting the Colchester Road, Valley Road and Norwich Road areas in particular, according to Foulgers Dairy.

Around 60 pints of milk have been stolen across the whole town in the last six weeks, the company said.

Adrian Fulger, owner of the Grundisburgh-based doorstep delivery service, said: “Every now and then, you are going to lose a few pints – somebody taking an opportunity walking home late or early one morning and seeing a pint and helping themselves. We accept that.

“But how they can justify taking milk from potentially vulnerable people who rely on the service that we provide – we provide a service to all demographics of people but there is a demographic of old people who are reliant on ourselves for their milk, bread, eggs and potatoes – why that person feels they have a right to take that person’s milk is beyond me.

“We do our best to conceal the delivery as much as possible. But obviously we can’t do that at every house and it does seem to be that these are the ones which have been targeted.

“There does seem to be a bit of a pattern and something which is concerning for customers – having people poking around their doors as well as us having to replace the stolen milk.

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“If anyone has

seen anything going on, please report it to the police. If any customers have got any concerns, we can help. The service is there. It is a good service. Hopefully this is just a small blip which is not going to build into anything else. Continue to support your milkman and make preservations wherever you can.”

Police said they have not seen an increase in reported mlk thefts but urged any resident affected to call them so they can “build up a picture”. Call the non-emergency number 101.

Have you been affected? Please get in touch by calling 01473 324 790. Or send an email to newsroom@archant.co.uk