Road rage driver punched learner

A MECHANIC fuelled by road rage punched a learner driver, a court heard.

A MECHANIC fuelled by road rage punched a learner driver, a court heard.

Andrew Frost, 44, of Main Road, Kesgrave became angry with learner Peter Van Bishop's driving as he swerved across the road while Frost tried to overtake him.

Robert Barnwell prosecuting at South East Suffolk Magistrate's Court said Frost had been travelling behind Mr Van Bishop and felt that on three occasions the car in front had swerved out, blocking him when he tried to pass.

Mr Barnwell added: “There was an exchange of hand gestures.

“Soon after, Mr Frost sees Mr Van Bishop's car again and follows him.”

He said that when the victim stopped at traffic lights Frost grabbed him through the window and tried to punch him.

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Mr Barnwell said: “The victim gets out of the car and tries to punch and kick Mr Frost.”

Frost told police he was “livid” at the way Mr Van Bishop was driving and intentionally went after him to talk to him about it.

Frost, who suffered a black eye during the dispute, pleaded guilty to common assault.

Mr Van Bishop, who was in the car with his mother suffered minor scratches.

John Hughes, mitigating said Mr Van Bishop became vocal with his hand gestures and did not help matters.

He said Frost put his hand on the learner's shoulder through the window but Mr Van Bishop had attacked Frost.

Frost, a self employed mechanic was fined £500, told to pay £75 court costs and £125 compensation to Mr Van Bishop.

District Judge David Cooper said: “However bad his driving, why did he feel he should find him and remonstrate with him?

“It was foolish to do other than mind your own business, there are so many bad drivers on the road.

“But it seems to me there was perceived provocation and he (Mr Van Bishop) did admit using one of these repulsive hand gestures as you did too.”