Road resurfaced around parked car

IT'S hardly road perfect!Things were not quite as they should have been when workers arrived to resurface an Ipswich street - one car was still parked in the road.

IT'S hardly road perfect!

Things were not quite as they should have been when workers arrived to resurface an Ipswich street - one car was still parked in the road.

But the subcontractor for Ipswich Borough Council had little option but to carry on anyway and resurface around the offending vehicle.

The council said it had tried to contact the car's owner before and during the work, but to no avail. After the work had been carried, when The Evening Star went to have a look, the offending car had gone but another car soon parked in the same spot.

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Residents today cannot believe their eyes - and are desperate for Waveney Road to be fixed.

Heather Fayers, a 58-year-old Waveney Road resident, said: “We knew they were going to be doing resurfacing. The cars all had to be moved.

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“My husband took ours to work so there were no problems with our car.

“He noticed what had happened as he came up the road. He said, 'They have botched the road. They have gone around a car!

“I think it's ridiculous. Why didn't they try to move it? I think it looks hideous.

“It would be nice to see it done properly. It's where our taxes go.”

Claire Kendall, 30, of Bramford Road, Ipswich, is also frustrated.

She said: “There is nearly always a Jaguar parked there.

“Everybody else moved their car and the signs did go up in good time. I don't know if the driver didn't look at the signs.

“I think it looks really, really untidy. I must admit, I would like to see that bit covered up.”

A council spokesman said: “We did everything we could before, during and after the works to get the car moved. We put notices on the car and contacted residents but to no avail.

“We have resurfaced nearly 100 roads this year and this is the only time we have been unable to get a vehicle moved.

“In this case, our hands were tied. In nearly every case we enjoin and value the co-operation of local residents but in this case, we had no alternative but to proceed with the work.”

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