Rocky horror dressed for success

VIDEO Tights, suspenders, basques - and that was just the men.It could only mean one thing, the Rocky Horror Show had rolled into town and what a show it was.

TIGHTS, suspenders, basques - and that was just the men.

It could only mean one thing, the Rocky Horror Show had rolled into town and what a show it was.

An up-for-it audience were whisked back to a stormy New Jersey night as 1950s' sweethearts Brad and Janet break down near a Gothic castle.

For anybody not familar with the plot, they become unwitting players in sex-crazed Frank N Furter's plans to create new life in the well-toned shape of personal man toy, Rocky.

Security more or less thwarted the rice, toast and water pistol shenanigans traditionally associated with the live show.

Fans of all ages were happily decked out in their best Transylvanian togs and adding their own dialogue - as is customary.

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Susan Stedman, 34, of West Bergholt said: “It's the first time we have ever been to the show - we are Rocky Horror virgins.

“We've never watched it live but we've seen the video and when we heard it was coming here we thought we would come along.

“We're always up for fun so we dressed up to see it.”

Lolly Lever, 42, also of West Bergholt added: “It has been great fun dressing up the boys and putting lipstick on them.”

The cast were, without exception, brilliant.

I found some of the less powerful, but by no means less able singers, hard to hear at times.

A fault, perhaps, of still not honed sound levels, but not enough to spoil the fun.

While it's hard to single out particular performers, Ian “stupid boy Pike” Lavender shone from the start as the narrator, easily beating the vocal crowd quip for quip.

Star of the show was David Bedella as transexual Furter, who commanded the stage with his fantastic voice and the sexual charisma demanded of the character.

Great and inventive use was made of the well-dressed set, particularly during the double seduction of Brad and Janet by their other-worldly host.

It was a shame, given the energy on and off stage, that the audience didn't make use of the space they had - with nobody rising to their feet during cult songs such as Sweet Transvestite and I Can Make You A Man.

The cast saw to this during the encore, as everybody took a jump to the left and a step to the right for The Time Warp.

Personally, I'd be happy to do it all again.