Disabled pensioner, 89, admits resisting officer called to marital home

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court (stock image). Picture: GREGG BROWN

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court (stock image). Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

An 89-year-old man has admitted obstructing a police officer called to reports of a domestic incident at his Ipswich address.

Ronald Cobb entered court with the aid of a walking frame and left with a conditional discharge for resisting a constable in execution of her duty on October 19.

Police were called to the Foxhall Road property following reports Cobb had assaulted his wife – an allegation he denied at an earlier hearing.

On Thursday, prosecutors dropped the assault charge against Cobb, who had also denied assaulting the officer but pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of resisting a police constable.

South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court heard how Pc Bowen had requested Cobb accompany her and a colleague to the Martlesham Heath police investigation centre.

Prosecutor Sandra Dyer said Cobb first wanted to make a cup of coffee and became angry when told he could only have a cold drink. She told the court that Cobb “raised his fist” – leading Pc Bowen to believe he would punch her. In turn, the officer raised her hands, which Cobb grabbed, “digging his nails in”.

John Hughes, representing Cobb, said his client had been reaching for a mug and was in no physical condition to attack the officer, but accepted he grabbed her by the wrists because he “lost his balance and grabbed back”.

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“We accept Mr Cobb did not go easily, which made it much more difficult for the officer,” he added.

Cobb was arrested, interviewed and kept in custody overnight.

The following morning, he was taken to Colchester Magistrates’ Court, which had more suitable lift access to the dock.

Mr Hughes said his client received income support and lived on limited means. He asked magistrates to consider the night he spent in custody as sufficient penalty, and respectfully opposed the prosecution’s application for compensation to the officer.

Sentencing Cobb – a man with a previously spotless criminal record – chairman of the bench of magistrates Dawn Girling said: “The charge of assault against your wife has been withdrawn and you will hear no more about it.

“We have noted your guilty plea to the other charge and that you have no previous convictions.

“Apart from a reddening of the officer’s hand, we find no other aggravating features.”

Cobb received a six month conditional discharge and must pay a total of £105 in court fees.