Rooting for Jimmy

IPSWICH: He has quickly become the most popular player in town and now Blues fans can celebrate his most distinctive feature.

Jimmy Bullard’s impact on the pitch and in the stands has been huge since his arrival in August –Town have only lost one game since he signed and the fans have taken him to their hearts.

Now the club has chosen to help its supporters emulate their hero by stocking Jimmy Bullard wigs.

The blond, curly hairpieces are on sale now in the club shop and although they are not exactly like Bullard’s distinctive mop, they are sure to be spotted on many heads around Portman Road next matchday.

Store staff said they had already sold a few of the wigs and expected to shift a whole lot more when Portsmouth arrive in Suffolk on Tuesday October 18.

Planet Blue manager Paul Macro said: “We’ve sold a couple and they’ve only just come in. A lot of people have been commenting on them through our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

“Over the weekend we expect lots more people to come in and on the next matchday, that’s when we will get more sold.

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“I think Jimmy will like it – it’s nice to have a player that goes out there and enjoys himself and that relates well to the fans.”

He said Bullard’s number 21 shirt was easily the most popular request in the club shop.

On the streets of Ipswich, the response to the wigs was generally a big thumbs-up.

Town fans Luke Dickenson, 17, and Kyle Gordon, 18, from Chantry, said they were “a bit over the top” but a good way to pay tribute to the team’s star.

Kyle said: “Without him we would be in trouble. Whenever Jimmy passes the ball everybody cheers. Everybody loves him. He’s funny.”

Young fans George Moffat, four, and his brother Billy, six, also enjoyed trying the wigs on.

Dave Griffin, 22, and Mikey Scoggins, 15, of the DA Fashion market stall gave the wigs ago and even market mascot Jessie the dog got in on the act.

Dave said: “He’s a good laugh and it’s fun for people to wear them. I reckon they’ll sell hundreds of them.”

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