Rose tinted waterfront living

FORGET St Tropez, have you been to the Waterfront in Ipswich lately? Well it certainly looks to be a pretty hip place to live and it's not just me who's saying that.

FORGET St Tropez, have you been to the Waterfront in Ipswich lately?

Well it certainly looks to be a pretty hip place to live and it's not just me who's saying that.

It seems that the rest of the country is now cottoning on to this fact too with one national newspaper recently claiming that it is 'a positive haven for aspirational young professionals'. Sounds just the thing for my hubby and me! In fact I must admit that I've had my eye on those fantastic apartments for quite some time.

You see as one of Suffolk College's regular stair climbers (I need the exercise) I am constantly treated to a breathtaking view of the whole of the marina in all its glory. And when I stop mid-flights (I need the rest) I'll often stand and gaze and imagine what it would be like to sit on one of those balconies.

The early morning breeze would caress my face as I recline on a lounger - no not one of those ones for aches and pains - sipping my breakfast mug of tea as myriads of pleasure craft bob about on the gently rippling water.

What do you mean am I wearing rose-tinted glasses? Okay, so the weather may not always be up to much, but what does that matter when you have Ipswich being regenerated all around you.

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I could pop down for a warm chocolate croissant from a nearby café, or nip into an art gallery and then one of the wine bars for a quick glass of something on my way home to help me wind down after a hard day. And if that isn't enough it seems that there will soon be a whole lot more leisure amenities available to choose from.

Who knows maybe my hubby and I could even have a flat with a mooring and then we could cruise along the Orwell aboard our modest little boat, me on deck studying my books whilst he does the navigating.

But of course I know this is all very much pie in the sky. After all there wouldn't be much point in having a second home-cum-holiday retreat that is only a mile or so away ….. would there?


Have you ever heard of futurologists?

No neither had I until the other day. Apparently they're a bit like weather forecasters only they predict what we, rather than the elements, will be playing at.

Now I've used the word 'play' for a specific reason here because it seems according to them that one of this year's key lifestyle themes is finding fulfilment later in life.

Well I don't know if this means that I have picked up vibes from them or if they have picked them up from me but if that isn't a good enough reason to go out and have some fun then I don't know what is.

Who cares if some of them may use crystal balls to glean this information? In my opinion this form of simple technology sounds great. Firstly they are never likely to crash - unless dropped of course - and secondly they will always remain virus free.

Now all this talk of predictions got me thinking and I began to wonder what it would be like if just for once satellites and weather stations were forgotten and futurologists rather than meteorologists -gosh that's a lorra rologists - gave their forecast today on TV. I can picture it now.

There would still be a map of the U.K. of course but definitely no mention of thick bands of cloud or cold winds on their way down towards these parts from the north.

Instead I reckon they'd be pointing out that a distinct regeneration pattern seems to be forming over our region and that with fun to be had in all areas the future is looking particularly bright in East Anglia tonight.


Well tomorrow is the final day of Celebrity Big Brother and whether you think it's mad, bad or just plain sad, I for one will miss it. In the words of Harvey Walden III of Celebrity Fit Club, I hope Channel 4 'keep it going', because regardless of whether the celebrities have, have had or never had any talent I still think it's the best game show on TV.

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