Review: Ross Noble’s El Hablador, Ipswich Regent – Expect sore ribs, aching cheeks and absolute nonsense

Comedian Ross Noble performed at the Ipswich Regent theatre tonight Picture: JOHN MCMURTRIE

Comedian Ross Noble performed at the Ipswich Regent theatre tonight Picture: JOHN MCMURTRIE - Credit: Archant

When you watch a comedian like Ross Noble, you’ve got to expect the unexpected.

And that’s exactly what a handful of poor toilet-goers got when they popped out for a loo break during his Ipswich Regent performance tonight.

The king of improv, wacky Geordie Noble reels off all sorts of nonsense in his brain at 100mph, keeping the audience in raptures as to what he’ll say next.

And in Ipswich – which he dubbed the most PC crowd in the country – Noble definitely lived up to the hype.

No sooner had a mischievous-looking Noble burst onto the stage dressed all in black, his first joke about Ipswich – and how it’s not as bad as he first thought – sent the crowd roaring.

The Regent was adorned with huge Mexican-style skulls for Noble’s unusually-named show El Hablador – fittingly translated as “the talkative one”, or “the storyteller”.

Mum, dad and boyfriend in tow, it was my first time seeing the notoriously wacky comedian after countless recommendations.

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Needless to say he lived up to his reputation – we all left with sore ribs and aching cheeks.

Quick-witted Noble is innately funny – and it’s his quirky, mile-a-minute mind that sets him apart from scripted comedians.

It’s impossible to watch his silliness without grinning like an idiot.

From perfume ads to elephant poo, conversation darted from absurd jokes to bizarre anecdotes – but that didn’t stop Noble stopping off occasionally to berate unsuspecting audience members, roping them into his gags.

And once you’ve seen this show you’ll certainly see the likes of Brexit and Boris Johnson in a different light.

There’s a kind of laughter reserved for comedians like Noble – it’s that hard-to-breathe, wipe-away-the-tears feeling that keeps you smiling even after you leave the theatre.

We’ll be wanting front row seats when he’s next in town – but we won’t be going to the toilet while he’s on stage, that’s for sure!