Rubbish in bags pose danger to animals

RUBBISH left out in black bin bags could be causing danger to wildlife and pets.

RUBBISH left out in black bin bags could be causing danger to wildlife and pets.

Suffolk Coastal is urging residents who are still on the old sack system and yet to receive the new wheeled bins, to take steps to prevent their rubbish leaking out and becoming an eyesore and a hazard.

Council cabinet member, Andrew Nunn said: “Suffolk Coastal Services are reminding people that they should never put their black sacks out for collection any earlier than 4.30pm on the day before the scheduled day of collection and that at all other times black sacks should be kept in a dustbin or other similar container.

“Wild and domestic animals may be attracted to food waste in black sacks.

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“People should remove the temptation by placing any food waste, wrapped in cardboard, newspaper or compostable bags, in their brown bin for the fortnightly organic waste collection service.”

Mr Nunn said people should also take care with the orange string used to tie the sacks as it could be hazardous to wildlife.

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He added: “If everybody puts these measures into practice we will make our environment safer, more attractive and cleaner, though once Suffolk Coastal brings the improved recycling service to every home in the district, which should happen by 2010, the new bins will help solve most of these problems.”

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