Ruby celebration for Pam’s four decades of dedication

SHE’S taken just eight days off work in 40 years and overseen more than 7,500 lunch breaks - but Pam Adams has no appetite for retirement.

She’s taken just eight days off work in 40 years and overseen more than more than 7,500 lunch breaks.

But Pam Adams has no appetite for retirement.

The 75-year-old started work at St John’s Primary way back in 1970.

Since then she has seen four headteachers take charge of the school and looked after thousands of children – including her own son and daughter, who are now both in their 40s.

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To mark the anniversary of her four decades at the school, staff and children at St John’s Primary treated Mrs Adams to a surprise celebration of her long service and dedication to the job by throwing a ruby anniversary-style party.

Everyone dressed in red and she was presented with a scrapbook of memories from pupils past and present.

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The midday supervisor has cycled the ten-minute journey to and from the school in Victory Road on every day of term for 40 years, barring a week of jury service and the day of her father’s funeral.

Mrs Adams, who lives with husband Richard in Thanet Road, said: “I didn’t realise I had been at the school for so long!

“A lot has changed in 40 years but the cheerful spirit of the school has always stayed the same.

“The children are number one and my job has been to give them the attention and help they need.”

No other staff member has come close to competing with Mrs Adams’ record of long service.

Some former pupils have even enrolled their own children at the school to be left in her capable hands at lunchtime.

Chris Seabrook, teacher and school council co-ordinator, has been at St John’s Primary for ten years and was delighted to see Mrs Adams honoured for her unwavering commitment.

Mrs Seabrook and the school council helped arrange the celebration and decided to go with a ruby red theme.

She said: “The hall was full of red balloons and Pam got to sit on a red throne.

“She is such a helpful lady – both to the staff and the children.

“Her dedication is amazing and she will make it in to school no matter what the weather.”

Mrs Adams was also presented with a watch which was bought with money raised from a collection at the school.

-Pam has taken just eight days off work in the last 40 years – seven for jury service and one for her father’s funeral.

-In that time it is estimated she has overseen more than 7,500 lunch breaks and looked after thousands of young pupils.

-Pam’s day of celebration had a ruby red theme to honour her 40th year at the school.

-The midday supervisor has cycled the ten minute distance between her Thanet Road home and St John’s Primary, in Victory Road, every day since she began working at the school.

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