Safer journeys for Ipswich children

TRAFFIC dodging is no longer a problem for parents and children walking to two Ipswich schools thanks to a zebra crossing that has been put in place.The journey to Sprites Infant and Junior Schools had become a dangerous one for pupils crossing Shepherd's Drive.

By Jo Macdonald

The journey to Sprites infant and junior schools had become a dangerous one for pupils crossing Shepherd Drive.

A constant stream of traffic meant that parents were at times having to wait as long as five or ten minutes for a gap in the traffic to be able to cross.

However, following traffic safety studies involving the schools and residents, a new crossing has been installed by Suffolk County Council to make the walk to and from school both safer and quicker.

Although the zebra crossing is not officially opened until Monday, it has been in place for a few weeks and pedestrian traffic is already enjoying the benefits.

"It makes a lot of difference," explained Alison Whiting, whose six-year-old son, Connor, and five-year-old daughter, Eve, go to Sprite's infant school.

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"It used to be dreadful trying to get across with the amount of traffic. Sometimes we could be stood there for five or ten minutes depending on the drivers. Some would stop and some wouldn't.

"Now we've got the zebra crossing we can leave five minutes later and it's safer."

She added that an element of caution still had to be shown when walking across the road but it was probably because motorists were unaware the crossing had been put in.

"A few cars don't stop but it's because it's new," she said.

All parents agree that the zebra crossing is what has been needed for the safety of their children.

Lisa Burrows, whose eight-year-old daughter, Chantelle, goes to the junior school, said: "It's really bad with cars flying along the road so something was needed."

Her friend, Jenny McClure, whose daughter Kirsty, eight, also goes to the junior school, added:"Having the zebra crossing is brilliant. It makes a big difference."

Kathy Pollard, county councillor for the area, will officially open the crossing on Monday.

She said: "It is very important to make journeys to school safer for both pupils and parents. I am pleased that we can make improvements that will benefit the children of both these schools."

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