Sandwiches but no talk at pre-meeting refreshments

ipswich: I was the least popular person at the council meeting after members had only sandwiches to fill them up before the meeting.

But they didn’t have any chief executive’s briefing – Andrea Hill has been off work sick this week and no one else had anything to say to them!

We had asked for permission to photograph their buffet lunch, but were told that would not be appropriate because it was a private function for members and senior officers.

But after the meeting two councillors came up to me to say the fayre on offer had been much more frugal than in the past.

“There were a few sandwiches but nothing else. I’d never seen any shepherd’s pie there – but there was less at the buffet this time than I have seen before,” said Labour councillor Peter Gardiner.

Another councillor told me he had not seen much on offer that he fancied and had bought a roll from the cafeteria at Endeavour House which he had eaten with colleagues there.

Meanwhile the council voted to send its best wishes to their ill chief – with the hope that she is back in harness very soon.